LIFE Groups

Life groups complement our Sunday service and help provide balance in ministry at Piedmont International Church. We have been created to live in community. While we may physically live in community, we sometimes function in isolation in our spiritual and social lives. Life groups allows us to experience God through relationships with others as we pray for, encourage, and help one another in the context of studying and living out God's word together.

A variety of life groups take place throughout each calendar year and vary in topic, location and timing to accommodate the interests and needs of PIC members. 


We are passionate about showing you who Jesus is. Whether it is in our own neighborhood or across the globe, we tangibly express God’s love for humanity through our outreach and service. Join us as we extend our mission beyond our walls and share the love of Jesus in our local and global communities.

Local Missions

Our church desires to invest in the local community through programs we've created and nurtured. In addition, we partner with local ministries and organizations that help fill the gap for people who are in need in the Greensboro community. We seek to form long-term relationships in which we can invest resources and create opportunities for our church body to serve and share the love of Jesus.

International Missions

The life-changing message of Jesus Christ is intended for a worldwide audience. Our purpose is to impact nations by equipping believers to "go and make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19). We partner with other churches and ministries all over the world by providing short-term mission teams, financial support and other resources. We currently have partners in Brazil, Kenya, Tanzania, Albania, and Cambodia.

Kids & Student Ministries

Kidz Quest and the Student Ministry Group are Jesus-focused, Spirit-filled, and life-giving ministries of PIC that focus on bringing the Gospel of Christ to life for our youngest members. They provide growth and engagement opportunities for toddlers, teenagers and everything in between. Our vision is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and equip the next generation to become His ambassadors to the world.

We are centered around discipleship relationships to foster an environment for our students to thrive on their journey with Jesus. Our ministry approach is based on a caring community that teaches and models God's word.

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Kidz Quest:

All toddlers through 5th graders are welcomed to join Kidz Quest during our Sunday morning service.

Student Ministry Group:

Middle school and high school students are invited to join this group, which meets every Sunday at 12:30 p.m.

Worship Ministry

The purpose of the worship ministry is to use music and song to provide an environment for people to glorify God and experience transformation. Every week, we come together to enter into His divine presence through thanksgiving, praise and worship.

Accomplishing this requires a group of people who joyfully use their gifts and talents to serve God and minister to the hearts of His people. If you play an instrument, sing, or dance, we invite you to consider joining our worship team. 

Additionally, our tech team is always looking for sound board operators, multimedia operators and photographers. We would love to have you serve with us as we worship God through arts and technology.